Main Feature - 3 Microphone Input - 3 Music Input (LINE / DVD / TAPE) - 2 Band tone control and balance control - 3D surround - Digital echo with 3 effect - Record with 3 mode - Subwoofer output with volume and frequency Technical Specification THD+N < 0.03% S/N Ratio 91dB Mic Input 0-39mV / 600Ω Music Input 0-1.7V / 2KΩ Line Output 0-9.5V / 1KΩ Subwoofer Output 0-9.5V / 1KΩ Mic Frequency Response 20Hz - 20KHz , +/-3dB Music Frequency Response 20Hz - 30KHz , +/-3dB Mic Bass +/-10dB, 100Hz Mic Treble +/-10dB, 10KHz Music Bass +/-10dB, 100Hz Music Treble +/-10dB, 10KHz Power Supply Voltage 220V AC, 50Hz Power Consumption 5W Fuse 200mA 250V Dimensions [WxDxH] 438 x 150 x 44 mm.

฿ 3,100 ฿ 3,100

Frequency Response MIC input (HPF Filter)..70Hz-15kHz 0,-1dB Distortion(THD) at 1kHz Line input 10Hz-40kHz 0,-1dB @+20dB Max volume & master Mic Better than 0.03% Lime(3D by pass) Better than 0.003% Tone control MIC ±12dB shelving ..LF 80Hz HF 12KHz Line ± 12dB shelving Bass 80Hz Table 10KHz Noise Measure 20Hz-20kHz EIN MIC/LINE input Ref 150R...< -123dBu Commom mode Rejection ratio > 50dB Hum&noise 20Hz-20KHz Max volume & Boost Disconnect input MIC---< -46dB LINE-- < -70dB Gain Ref output max volume & master MIC inpur... +55dB Line input...+15dB Maximum input level MIC input... -18dB Line input... >20dBu Inpur impedance MIC input... > 2kohms(active bal) Line input... 10kHz (Unbal) Echo Delay Time control 200 - 450 ms Output impedance Pre output .. > 100ohms Subwoofer output @ 125Hz 12dB/Octave Dimention(WxHxD) 480x44x154mm

฿ 2,500 ฿ 2,500
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