MEDIA 40USB 150-Watt digital monitor speakers combine exceptional connectivity via USB and analog input in a bi-amped, two-way speaker configuration, providing the perfect sonic upgrade for any audio or video application. You’re sure to want a pair for every computer workstation in the house – and they make exceptional add-on speakers for flat-screen TVs and self-contained AV media players - as well as the perfect monitor solution for college dorm rooms or anywhere enjoying music is a must.



2-way digital monitor speakers ideally suited for computer studios, audio and multimedia workstations
True bi-amping mode with 4 amplifiers for ultimate high-resolution sound
150 Watts of digital power amplification
Powerful woofers and high-resolution tweeters provide an ultra-linear frequency response
USB input for direct connection of digital stereo audio sources
Two stereo analog inputs featuring TRS and RCA connectors can be used simultaneously or mixed with a digital stereo source
Illuminated Volume control for both Line inputs
Front panel ?'' headphone connector with auto-mute loudspeaker function for easy access
3-Year Warranty Program*
Designed and engineered in Germany

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