The P.Audio X10-15A is an active, bi-amplifier sound reinforcement system. The design features a narrow profile 15 inch low frequency driver coupled with a new high frequency driver. The X10-15A is a compact system designed for portable sound reinforcement applications that require excellent bass response and controlled acoustic radiation from system. the high frequency section features a new small format true compression driver that feature increased mid band sensitivity and extended amplitude response. The X10-15A utilized a bi-amplified class D design that boasts a full 650 watts of output power. The pre amplifier is a DSP based design that feature multiple adjustable presets to optimize the system response for varying musical styles and program material. the X10-15A pr esents enhanced system dynamics as well as updated amplitude response. The result is superior system intelligibility and broad band fidelity. The system DSP provides all high order crossover and equalization required to insure high reliability and enhanced acoustical. The pr eamp features mic level inputs, multiple line level input and a parallel output when multiple X8 enclosures are specified. User adjustable level and EQ controls are also included. The X10-15A is a thick wall injection molded design the includes a molded in top hatfor loudspeaker stand mounting. The system has been designed for a variety of indoor applications included small format DJ operation, particularly in X10 SERIES conjunction with the X10-18AW Subwoofer. The X10-15A is ideal for use in live sound reinforcement applications such as solo, duo and small combo environments as well as qeneral public address applications.



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